My Quilts

I wanted to start off this blog with a picture of the most recent set of quilts I took to an art fair last September. Once a year, I visit my aunt in northern Wisconsin and we sell our quilts at Art in the Park in Stevens Point. This is definitely a girl's weekend where we talk about quilts, quilts and more quilts the whole weekend! Here is a picture of what I took this year.

As you can see, I favor applique; and rarely do I follow a pattern. Often I see a picture and combine parts of different patterns.

My colors are usually traditional and I really like batiks. Seasonal quilts are my main theme as you can own more of them!

As you can see, seasonal quilts seem to be the theme of our booth as well. I have been doing this show with my aunt and her friends for over ten years, and every year their talent never ceases to amaze me! Each year we bring new ideas and new quilts to the show and it is such great fun to interact with our customers and admirers.

We never set up the booth exactly the same way, as our quilt selection varies and we adjust to the number and size of quilts we create. The walls have been much appreciated though as you can see we are outside and have "weathered" almost everything but snow. (and I hope I haven't jinxed us!)

We all make quilts based on what we like to create and are never sure what will sell and what won't. Things that don't sell may be given as gifts or may show up the next year. Some years Christmas themed items sell well, other years they don't. Fall items are pretty popular since this show is in September. 

My aunt may bring 40-50 items, while I just bring whatever I had time to make. It's definitely more for the fun of it than anything else.