Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Quilting My Quilts

I mention this often, quilting makes me nervous. I am confident in my piecing and applique, but when it comes time to quilt my quilt, I am hesitant to start. Mostly, my fear comes from wanting to do some incredible free-motion stitching that I am not skilled enough to do.

So how am I overcoming some of this? First, this summer I have been on the look-out for really nice straight line quilting. A few of the modern quilt books I have been reading have some great ideas and I am keeping a sketch pad of ideas. Even if they are not exactly straight, as long as they are not looped I can handle it thanks to my walking foot attachment. This attachment has saved many a quilt as it really keeps the three layers together without puckers or bunching.

I have also experimented with using the walking foot to create designs. I created this snowflake pattern by drawing it on freezer paper, and then using the walking foot to trace the design. The loops were big enough and pointed, while the quilt was small enough that I could move things easily.

Even though I could have done straight line stitching on this quilt, it just called for me to quilt stars. These I did freehand, so some are not perfect, but overall they added to the theme of the quilt.

Two down, many more to go!

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