Saving Website Patterns as PDF Files

Lately, I have been finding some awesome patterns and recipes online that I want to save. However, I know from experience that websites and links can disappear in the future. While I am addicted to using Pinterest, if the pattern is one I really like, I usually save the website as a PDF file.

First, you need to be in the Chrome browser. This method does not work with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox (though there may be other ways to do it on these browsers). When you are on the page you want to keep, press Control P to get the print dialog box.

Change the Destination option on the left to "Save as PDF". Then click on the "Save" button. A dialogue box will open asking you to choose a place to save the file. This is especially helpful for long instructions/recipes/tutorials that I don't want to print. Hope this helps you also!


  1. This is a great idea! I do it too but I save it to my Dropbox because I've had issues with losing things from harddrives before. I hope the Cloud is safer. lol I also pin one of the photos to Pinterest to help keep my inspirations handy.

  2. Agree with you on losing things. I am trying to start saving things into my Google account, easier on my Chromebook than on a regular computer, but I still have a lot on my computer. I too pin to Pinterest - I think I am a virtual hoarder :)


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