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Color Options and Free Table Runner Pattern

In a recent post, I showed how I updated a quilt by adding some appliqued snowflakes. Sometimes, ideas for quilts evolve, and i find it very easy to add appliqued items or extra quilting lines after I am done with a quilt. 

Today I took an existing table runner and decided it was rather plain. I love using batiks, but these were so similar in color, nothing really grabbed you about it. Also, the yellow circles looked a little like moons - not intentionally.

I had leftover green fabric, and decided to add some simple, modern evergreen trees. The quilting lines were already there and the tree fits in perfectly.

I wrote the pattern instructions, and then thought about if someone would want to make a quilt like this. By introducing a change in color and design, I could offer two options from one pattern. 
I drew a more modern snowflake compared to my traditional snowflake, and added in some swirly blue fabric to mimic snow.

I absolutely love this blue swirl fat quarter, but never had anything …

Jeweled Runner - Free Pattern

While not quite a seasonal quilt, I am trying to use up fabric, and I had a stack of brightly colored batiks that kept calling my name. I had a lot of smaller pieces and fortunately I had enough to create this pinwheel runner. 

To make this seasonal, substitute the batik fabric with Christmas or other holiday-themed fabric. 

When it came time to quilt it, I drew out many sketches, but in the end decided to just start echo quilting and see where I ended up.

This was a very huge challenge for me to do. I don't usually quilt this much and this is very geometric. I wrestled with quilting the colored pieces, but in the end decided to let them stand out unquilted.

Another challenge was doing machine binding. The time savings and durability for washing the runner were two main reasons, along with the fact that hand sewing has been bothering my arms lately. 

I sewed the binding to the front, and then stitched in the ditch, again on the front, so the loose edge was on the back. I preferred a cl…

Snowflake Applique Template

Yeah! Snow Days! Or maybe I should say Cold Days. Whatever you call it, school was cancelled for two days this week due to the frigid temps. We teachers get just as excited as the students when we get that phone call from school. In the spirit of snow, I wanted to share my snowflake applique template.
First, how cold was it that schools cancelled Monday classes the Friday before, and Tuesday was cancelled at noon on Monday? Here is my son showing us how cold it is by throwing boiling water in the air. Yes, it turns right to snow.

Back to quilting. As I have mentioned, I made a wall hanging for every month of the year. This wall hanging was for January using snowflake fabric.

However after a couple years of looking at it hanging on our front door, I decided it was too plain. For some reason, I came up with the idea to applique snowflakes on it. 

 I made the snowflakes using the old fashioned method of folding a piece of paper into squares, and cutting out small diamonds and triangles…