Color Options and Free Table Runner Pattern

In a recent post, I showed how I updated a quilt by adding some appliqued snowflakes. Sometimes, ideas for quilts evolve, and i find it very easy to add appliqued items or extra quilting lines after I am done with a quilt. 

Today I took an existing table runner and decided it was rather plain. I love using batiks, but these were so similar in color, nothing really grabbed you about it. Also, the yellow circles looked a little like moons - not intentionally.

I had leftover green fabric, and decided to add some simple, modern evergreen trees. The quilting lines were already there and the tree fits in perfectly.

I wrote the pattern instructions, and then thought about if someone would want to make a quilt like this. By introducing a change in color and design, I could offer two options from one pattern. 

I drew a more modern snowflake compared to my traditional snowflake, and added in some swirly blue fabric to mimic snow.

I absolutely love this blue swirl fat quarter, but never had anything to make with it. Turns out it was just waiting for this project. After making the square as an example for the pattern, I finished it off into a mug rug (love those mug rugs for using up odd pieces of fabric or UFO squares!) This was a happy project for a winter day!

Here is the pattern to make one for yourself.


  1. What a fabulous change up for your pattern. I really like the last block best! Gotta love those happy projects!

    1. Thanks! It is my favorite also, but I am very partial to blue and white (as is my kitchen :) )

  2. Amazing how just a couple little changes makes for a totally different look! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I always like the magazine patterns/articles that show a different color combination, so I decided to try my own. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. The colors look nice and different...


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