Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Quilting Lines

Quilting scares me, or should I say it intimidates me. Rarely I am perfectly happy with how I quilted my project. This table runner was one exception, and maybe it was because I had no expectations when I started the project. 

I had a lot of of 2-3" strips of this fabric leftover from two other table runners, and some mug rugs. I really overbought the green swirl and holly fabric, so I still had a lot left. In the spirit of trying to modernize my projects, I decided to try my hand with diagonal strips sewn together in opposite directions. That actually worked out and I was ready to quilt it. 

This time, the quilt spoke to me and begged for some meandering, straight line quilting (if there is such a thing!) Off I went, quilting all the green stripes with green thread and the holly stripes with white thread, creating two lines of quilting per stripe. I added the binding, and as the "The Night Before Christmas" story goes "and much to my surprise" the table runner was so soft and pliable! I couldn't believe it! Never, have any of my projects turned out this way. My guess is because I usually quilt minimally, while this runner has way more quilting than I normally do. Finally a very successful "quilting" adventure for me!

Posted to Sew Fresh Quilts "Let's Bee Social". 


  1. It looks great! I really love that green swirl fabric.

  2. Thank you! (And I still have some of that fabric left....)