Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Whipping Up a Quilt

Recently, I read a blog post by a quilter who received some fabric and just "whipped up a quilt." I envy her. My method could never be mistaken for "whipping up a quilt." Instead, I agonize over every step  - What fabrics should I use? What pattern should I use? Should it be scrappy? Should it be planned? Should it be modern? Should it be traditional? Should I use a pattern from a magazine or make my own? Ok, enough with the questions!

What prompted this post is moving the guinea pig from our son's bedroom to the living room. What does this have to do with a quilt? Well, I need to protect the antique cabinet we are setting it on. (I am not sure if guinea pig cage and antique cabinet belong in the same sentence, but in our house they do.) So I need to protect the top of the cabinet from scratches and water drips.

My first thought was to make it a scrappy quilt, so I looked at Pinterest, came up with an idea, graphed it out and started cutting. Then I realized it was too scrappy, and could I possibly eek out another table-top quilt from fabric leftover from the other two table-top quilts in that room?


Yes, I found I could by adding another color or two. After three designs, and realizing that if I changed the square size to 5.5" instead of 6", I had just enough fabric to make it work. That was definitely not "whipping up a quilt!" I think part of  my problem (yes, I am calling it a problem) is that I try to use up all the fabric pieces I have instead of buying something new for each project. I can't stand to see fabric just sitting there so that is always my first thought. Needless to say, I finished the top tonight, and now I just need to go buy some lightweight plastic to place on top of the batting so it is waterproof. You can see a little of the dining room table quilt fabric in it.

As I was looking for backing fabric, I came across another piece of fabric that gave me an idea for another table runner - thriftiness should be my middle name!

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