Fall Leaves Applique Template

Fall in Wisconsin is a riot of color. Trees are ablaze with all shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. It is the mottle effect that provides the most unique leaves.

While fall signals the coming of winter, I love walking in the woods on a clear, sunny, crisp fall day. Leaves crunching under my feet.

For the past two years, I have actually ridden my bike a lot in the fall months. Probably because it isn't so hot outside. We have also been hiking these past few weekends.

As I biked and hiked this fall, I snapped a few pictures of the colorful trees. I couldn't help but pick up a few of the leaves scattered on the ground.

It's no wonder that fall leaves are one of my favorite subjects for quilts. It seems that every year, I am drawn to the vibrant colors and fabrics of fall. In this quilt, I wanted a very subtle leaf applique. 

For this quilt, I embroidered stems on the insides of the leaves, something I have started doing more often recently as it really adds to the applique design.

 I even quilted some "leaves" in the border of this  quilt with my walking foot. I drew them on freezer paper and stitched over the lines. It takes a bit to remove the freezer paper, but helps me do some themed quilting lines.

To help you celebrate the season, I traced a couple of the leaves to use as an applique template. This link is a PDF of the template for you to download. Enjoy!