Applique Placement Tips

When I first started quilting, I bought a lot of different tools and gadgets as I call them. Today, I only use a handful of go-to's, but I do pull out some of my previously bought tools once in a while.

One of the tools I brought out the other day, for the first time in awhile, is my Teflon Pressing paper. I really like to use applique on my quilts. When I have a somewhat complicated design, that needs more of an exact placement, I like to use this Teflon Pressing paper.

It's see-through, so I can put my design underneath the Teflon paper and then arrange all my fabric pieces. Once in place, I iron them together, and have a unit to place on my quilt. 

A couple of very important points to remember when using this paper are first, don't use a high heat iron. Use a medium-high heat or your pieces will fuse to the paper. Second, let the pieces cool completely before removing them from the paper. Otherwise, they will stick and you will lose part of the fuse paper. 

While I don't use this paper often, it does come in handy when I have a more complicated design where the placement really matters.

If you would like to make the pattern, or using the applique template for your own design, my pattern can be found in my Etsy shop.