Creating a Formula for Creativity

Logic rules most of my life. I search for facts, and love it when I can find a pattern in something. I create processes at work all the time. However, I have spent the last two years trying to find a formula for quilting.

A formula for quilting? Yes, a type of quilt that I can create many of, a consistent set of rules, a theme. In the past, I searched through Pinterest, saved boards, and created quilts based on modern quilts, half square triangles, art quilts, table runners, and mug rugs.

Throughout it all, I found my heart lies with applique and in particular, seasonal quilts. I love making quilts that reflect the season. When I first started quilting, I created a quilt for every month of the year and hung it on the inside of the front door. I loved changing that quilt each month.

Making modern quilts was just not my thing. I really didn't like all the white, nor the colors needed to go with the white. Quilting the white spaces frustrated me. I kept picking traditional colors, not modern colors. I was still really drawn to applique, so I switched to making mug rugs which were really frustrating because they were too small.

Throughout all of this, was also a desire to create patterns for my designs. While this may be too much to ask of my creativity, I was really driven to try to find the "Big Magic".

It happened. This fall, it happened. I found the perfect tri-fecta. The right size quilt, the right themed quilt, and the right quilt to create patterns. The ideas flowed fast and furiously. I had more ideas than time to make the quilts. Five quilt tops were made before I could get them quilted. More were swirling in my mind. 

I can't tell you how awesome it feels to be in this realm. It won't last forever; it will ebb and flow. But I am thrilled to finally have this direction and create something that I am really excited about.