Creativity in My Life

My life has been full of creativity - from making Barbie doll clothes with a scissors and tape, to learning how to sew my own clothes including my wedding dress. I also knit my own sweaters in high school, and made clothing for our children. My sewing talents took a turn toward quilting, and with my aunt, we sell quilted wall hangings at an art show each year. I even volunteered to show my quilts in the show cabinet at our local library.

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote an excellent book about this - Big Magic. I had to read parts of it twice because it really struck a chord with me; though maybe not the way it did with most people. Her book really encourages you to get out there and express your creativity - don't let fear control you, embrace your creative drive!

No, I don't think I have a problem expressing my creativity personally or publicly. What I didn't realize until I read her book was that creativity is a part of me. I could no more turn my back on it than I could on my family.

I am the type of person who walks through a fabric store and all the different fabrics are calling out to me - "make me", "use me in a project".

Do you ever feel that way? I could buy arm fulls of fabric they are so appealing. Most quilters feel the same way, thus the chuckles around the topic of our fabric "stash". 

My week is not complete unless I have created something. My sister is a baker and my cousin loves to cook so much, she opened a summer food cart. I wish I cooking would fulfill my creative drive, as I have to cook each day, but no it doesn't. So I look elsewhere - fabric is my draw.

Having my own sewing space where I can fit in small bits of time really helps. Having a direction in my quilting to create patterns, helps as well. Both provide tremendous satisfaction. 

When I am not actually sewing, I am looking for ideas, drawing quilt patterns, and writing lists about what I would like to make. As many do, I sell and give away my quilts because I have more enjoyment making them than keeping them.

I am a creative. Yes, that is me!