Drawing Applique Pieces in Power Point

In order to design patterns to sell, I need to create designs that are completely my own. Last winter, I experimented with different drawing programs from Photoshop, to Inkscape, and finally back to something I am very familiar with - Power Point.

As a former Business Teacher, I spent five years teaching K-8th grade students how to use Power Point in a creative manner. Not just for presentations that have pictures and text, but really creative uses, such as making animated cartoons.

As such, I was very familiar with some of the tools for drawing in Power Point. However, I still had a lot to learn! Video tutorials and practice soon led me to develop some skill in drawing applique pieces.

I always use a picture to start from. Either one I have taken myself or drawn myself, or a copyright free image/clipart from online. I then use the Insert/Shape/Curve tool to trace around the shape I am trying to make. 

You can see in the photo above, how I drew around the petals of the flower. Here I have filled in the outlines so you can see it better.

There are many good videos and tutorials for drawing in Power Point, with many tips and tricks. I hope to write a whole series of how I do this one day. In the meantime, this post is to let you know it is possible.