Inspired by the Seasons

Quilters find inspiration in my places. I am personally in love with Pinterest. Each time I get on there, I find beautiful quilts that inspire me to get going on my own. Quilt shows, friends, blogs - they all inspire us to quilt more, and provide us with ideas.

We live in Wisconsin, a state that experiences all four seasons. Good or bad depending on your perspective, we experience 90+ degree heat in the summer, and below zero snow in the winter. The seasons influence everything in our lives from clothing to activities. They also influence my quilting.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am drawn to making seasonal quilts. I made a quilt for each month of the year to showcase on the inside of our front door. Fall seems to be my favorite season as I wrote about last year. 

Well, I am writing about it again, because I just love the colors and shapes. Every time I go for a walk in the fall, I am compelled to take pictures of the beautiful leaves. Finding trees of many colors is a delight to me. Leaves, pumpkins, yes, they appeal to me. This is a picture of a quilt I made for my mom's front door, from a pattern in Quilt Sampler magazine

Fall quilts have threaded themselves throughout my entire quilting experience. And I don't see this stopping any time soon. Do you have a favorite type or theme of quilt that you enjoy making?