My Fabric Stash

First of all, don't laugh. When you think of "fabric stash" you probably think of a large cabinet full of fabric. Fabric overflowing the shelves and out the cabinet doors. Bins of fabric. Well, that is how my aunt's fabric stash looks anyway.

Mine is very small in comparison. Since I tend to be more on the thrifty side, it is hard for me to buy lots of fabric and have it sit there. Also, I have found that when I do go out and buy a few pieces that I might use, I don't use them. They tend to sit, and sit. The original idea faded away or became unappealing.

Additionally, when I buy fabric with too loud or distinct of a pattern on it, I find it very hard to use. Thus my love of blending batiks. About a year ago, I bought a lot of blue fabric to make a pinwheel quilt that I never made. Well, now I am left with a lot of blue fabric that has slightly different variations of color in them. Why I thought they matched was beyond me. I also have a teal blue that I was going to use for a sky - I think. I'm not sure now actually.You can see them above.

My recent idea to make seasonal applique wallhangings really fits in with my preferred style of buying fabric - quarter yards. Fat or regular, they are the perfect amount for applique, and for my seasonal quilts. And you would be surprised how long I have been operating out of this fabric stash.

The plastic bag on the right is full of my homespun fabrics that I don't have an idea for at the moment. I made a patriotic star quilt out of it using the last of the reds. I think I have greens and blues homespun left. I also have a lot of regular cotton tans that I am not sure what to do with. I have used all the larger pieces for the quilt backgrounds, and will need to contemplate a new use for them.

Occasionally, I find myself trying to match up fabrics and make a quilt from them. I find this to be limiting as I need to bend to the fabric. Instead, my ideas work better when I have the quilt idea first, and then find the fabric. Or know which fabric to use.

The pink flower quilt I am currently working on came about that way. I had the idea for a large petal flower, and was pretty sure I had just the fabric for it. Sure enough, there was a quarter yard of dark pink that hadn't been used and was perfect. I quickly found a matching lighter pink and green for the leaves.


Here is the amount of fabric I used - there is still an eighth of a yard of the dark pink left. This does my thrifty self proud. Here is the final quilt and the Etsy listing for the pattern.

If you would like to make the pattern, or using the applique template for your own design, my pattern can be found in my Etsy shop.