Bundled Up

In addition to the snow, it's been cold here, really cold. Like below zero Fahrenheit, which means the windchill is even colder. This happens every winter, despite our belief that it won't!

As such, I have a few winter coats. As my dad said, one for every ten degrees. Yesterday, I bought a new winter coat to replace an old one that had a sticky zipper. I tried replacing it with a shorter coat, but my lower half got cold, so back to a longer coat. Glad I finally found one. My husband brags about how many years he has had his coat. Guys have it easy, styles just don't change for them.

Snowmen have it easy also. They never get cold! It has been years since our kids were young enough to have an interest in making a snowman, so now a days I just admire the ones that are in other's yards. I have made a few snowmen quilts over the years, but there is always room for one more!

Some past snowmen include these two. The homespun one on the left was made from a pattern my aunt gave me. The one on the right was my own drawing. I used a raw edge applique technique for him and thought it was really cute. After not selling, my aunt suggested that he needed a nose. She quickly zig zagged one on, and he sold right away.


This time around, I wanted to make a folk art style snowman with a little more detail, and done in traditional applique. You can choose any of the button appliques, have all three the same, or vary them as I did. The arms are embroidered on by hand, as is the mouth and eyes.

The quilting lines were a bit of a challenge for me as I wanted to do something with a continuous line that looked like snowflakes. I looked online for ideas and then drew them out on freezer paper. That idea didn't work well because it was next to impossible to remove the paper from the middle of the snowflake. Fortunately I tried that that method on the first one only before continuing. The rest are done free hand. All were done with a walking foot. It's a little hard to see them, but the idea was that they fade in the background, more of a subtle addition. 

Snowmen are popular selling quilts, so I am sure I will make a few more in the future. If you would like to make the pattern, or using the applique template for your own design, my pattern can be found in my Etsy shop.