Oh How My Mind Wanders

Last week I posted about my Etsy shop clean up. While doing this clean up, I added a little line to my shop announcement page. Something had me thinking in this direction and I decided to go for it.

My last little line? I had a small idea about offering digital printable files on my site. They would be there to help you simplify your life. What kind of printables, that I wasn't sure.

At first I thought of planning pages - quilts, projects, groceries, menus etc. But a quick look on Etsy for quilt printables took me in an entirely different direction - cards! The next day, I woke up early with greeting cards on my brain.

My years of teaching desktop publishing to middle school students came back to me quickly. Microsoft products really can offer a lot and since I draw my patterns in Power Point, using Publisher to create the cards was the logical next step.

There are a couple of different card sizes in Publisher, half a page, quarter page horizontal and quarter page vertical. I decided it would be nice to make the same card in three sizes. However, after another look around Etsy, that is not the norm. Just make a quarter size card, but two cards to a sheet. I know how to do that!

Taking one of my existing quilt applique patterns (that's the whole idea - use the same pattern in multiple ways) I created a more modern looking card.

Nice, but rather plain. I'd like to use this, but I need some time to think about how to make it relate to quilting, if it needs to relate at all. Another look around Etsy and I saw thank you cards. Ah, ha. Let's try that.

Ok. I like this. But wait, what does this have to do with quilting other than I used my applique design? I imagine I will get mostly quilters to my Etsy page. Hmm, how about adding sewing lines and the word "sew" in it? I think I just created my card :) I have birthday versions as well.

There is still a lot I have to learn. Just as any time you make something new, there are learning curves and a product you make three months from now will look better in your eyes. However, I had to start somewhere and I think it is a good first start. I've slowly been adding a card to match each pattern. We'll see where this goes!

All my quilt-themed cards are available on my Etsy shop.