Snow Means Snowflakes

We are in the midst of winter here - or should I say the throws of winter. I think that is how you say it. Another way to explain it is the frozen tundra, deep freeze, subarctic. Ok, maybe not subarctic, but sub zero Fahrenheit is cold!

The one good thing about all of this is we did get snow for Christmas. It came just in time on Christmas Eve. I am sure it made some people's travel trips to relative's houses not much fun, but it was a slow, steady, not too much snow. Much better than a blizzard.

Snow always gives such a nice clean cover to everything, making it feel unified and cohesive. I couldn't resist getting out and taking a walk the day after Christmas. It may be cold out, but sunshine and snow are worth it!

Snow for Christmas - picturesque, lights gleaming in the white landscape. Snow. Snowflakes. Yes, snowflakes. Those tiny, unique, utterly fascinating snowflakes. I love catching them on my black mittens so I can see the many varied designs.

One year while teaching middle school, we had a snowflake cutting contest. I even put a candy bar on the line for the winner. We cut them out of paper, but also created them online using Make a Flake. After all, it was a computer/technology class.

Over time, I have seen some absolutely stunning snowflake quilts. First, the contrast between blue and white always grabs me. Second, the unique designs are endless. My first snowflake quilt was made by cutting snowflakes out of paper and then tracing them onto Heat n Bond so I could applique them to my quilt. I had some real tiny cuts, and real tiny stitches, but just love how it turned out.

Last year, I created some mug rugs using four snowflakes I had created on Make a Flake, and then traced so that they would be more compatible to applique. While I liked how they turned out, I did not like making the mug rugs. 

This year as I created my seasonal quilts, I saw a piece of blue fabric in my stash and immediately thought of the snowflake appliques from the mug rugs. Sure enough, the four flakes fit perfectly on my 8x18 quilt.

Between the snowflakes are quilted snowflakes. I have used these before and thought they would be a nice addition to the background fabric. 

The flakes can be placed in any order, overlapped, done in multiples - the options are endless. In the end, the combination of the blue and white, and unique snowflake designs create an eye pleasing winter quilt to help warm your house during the depths of winter.

If you would like to make the wallhanging pattern, or using the applique template for your own design, my pattern can be found in my Etsy shop.