An Obsession with Leaves?

It may be the middle of summer and 90+ degrees here, but I can't help making fall quilts. I also know they sell well since the art fair is held in September.

I created one falling leaves pattern, but was never happy with the way the leaves puffed out. As I explained in my method for quilting first and appliqueing second, I cut out the center of the fusing paper so the quilt lines don't show through.

I really liked how I embroidered the leaf stems on this quilt, and thought I would give that a try on the large leaf appliques above.

What a difference the extra quilting made! I didn't use a decorative stitch this time, just some straight lines done a little messy to replicate free form quilting.

For my next fall/leaf inspired quilt (told you I'm obsessed with leaves) I didn't even hesitate. As soon as I finished outline stitching each leaf, I added inside vein lines and pumpkin lines.

On this quilt I did play around a little with the leaf placement. To help me decide how to place the leaves, I moved them around on my design board, taking a picture each time. I then took a screen shot of the different pictures on my phone, so I could compare. The final placement felt right.

If you would like to make the pattern, or using the applique template for your own design, my pattern can be found in my Etsy shop.