About Me

Welcome to my blog! I am using this blog as my sounding board as I learn to write quilting patterns and try my hand at different quilt designs. Hopefully you will enjoy, learn, and grow along with me!

My sewing experience officially started in about middle school when I learned to make clothes for myself. Previously, I cut lots of fabric and hand "sewed" many outfits for my Barbie dolls along with items for their homes. Along my journey, I knitted sweaters, and crocheted afghans, but I always came back to sewing. I ended up sewing my own wedding dress from a combination of two patterns, a definite foreshadow to my quilting, but more on that later. The two ladies with me are my mom and grandmother (who is 102 in this picture) and my heritage in sewing.

After our children were born, I started sewing clothing for them, and then started making all sorts of crafts from wood and fabric. However, I just couldn't find my niche. Then my mother's sister introduced me to quilting, and that did it! I have been in love with quilting ever since! I tend to favor applique, and seasonal themes. As I mentioned with my wedding dress, I don't always follow the pattern. In fact, I rarely do! A blessing and curse, but that is the way my mind works. I am always seeing variations, or wanting to try it a different way. That is how I got interested in making my own patterns.

Since my aunt introduced me to quilting in the late 90's, quilts have fascinated me. Making them, looking at them, reading about them and designing them. Fabric calls at me from the isles of the store - "Make something out of me!" Sewing fills a creative outlet for me and most of all, makes me happy!

With two young adult children, I have been juggling sewing, work, and mom-life for awhile now. Married for almost 30 years, my husband indulges my craft and runs the house when I attend my yearly craft fair. He even built me my own sewing room :)

So why the Midwest? The Midwest has four seasons, amazing landscapes, and just begs for you to be outside. And it turns out that being outside is as much a part of my life as quilting. Please enjoy the nature photos I share here. They also help inspire my seasonal quilt patterns.

In general though, my quilts are usually wall hangings and table runners, things that don't take too long to make. With time spread between family, home, the outdoors, work and quilting, I need projects that I can finish easily enough. Thus my new patterns are mostly based on quick, easy, and not too much fabric - 1/4 yard will do it.

Thank you for following along and sharing with me your projects, ideas and knowledge!